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Oh No! It’s time for the BoVo – The 2008 Beaujolais Nouveau

Beaujolais Nouveau is the most famous of the vins de primeur – wines that are permitted to be sold the same year they are harvested. Released the third Thursday of November, the BoVo seems to go hand in hand with the holiday season. It’s a lighter, fruitier wine with very little tannins.

Now, I know the bum rap that Beaujolais Nouveau gets – it’s immature, just grape juice with alcohol – but I think it’s a guilty pleasure. It’s pretty inexpensive, and since it’s meant to be served slightly chilled along with food, I think it’s a great wine for impromptu winter dinners with friends. In fact, it doesn’t even need a dinner to go along with it! Just load up a serving cart with some good bread, cheeses and a bottle or two! It appeals to the part of me that likes to snack on leftovers directly from the refrigerator, with the door open. In pajamas.

I know that that this year’s harvest is quite small due to bad weather over the summer. And the reviews of the quality of the wine have been…mixed. But I maintain that a bottle of Beaujolais is like those advent calendars with the chocolate behind the panels. It’s not the holiday season unless I’ve popped one open! 

Starting Your Wine Collection? Try Modular Storage!

When I turned 21, one of my gifts was a large, 36 bottle wine rack.  Not only was I brand new to the world of wine, but I was living in a tiny apartment – with roommates! Not to mention, on my starving student budget, it would have been hard to fill it with 36 bottles of Boone’s Farm – much less something drinkable (oh Strawberry Hill, how I’ve turned on you). The huge wine rack was totally impractical for my life – and, to tell the truth, I felt kind of intimidated by it!

Which is why I say, with the wisdom of experience – if you’re just starting to drink and collect wine – go modular! Most modular racks start small – holding only six bottles. Check out this Modular Storage System! If you start noticing that you’ve constantly got more than six bottles on hand, all you have to do is buy another component, and snap (or stack) them together!  Presto – double the storage.

Modular storage racks also make great housewarming presents – especially when they’re already stocked! (Hint, hint!)