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Go Big! The Rack For A Large Wine Collection


This is definitely one of those ‘someday’ racks for me. This beauty holds 110 standard sized bottles of wine. The great thing about this wine rack is that it’s made from unfinished hardwood. Not only do you get the great texture and knots that makes wooden pieces so interesting, you can finish it to any color you’d like! So whether you want something black and glossy, or you’d rather have a nice lightly stainedfinish – this rack is ready to accommodate.

I know this rack looks a little epic in scale, but the footprint is actually pretty compact. It measures roughly 41″H x 42″W x 12″D. So, if you have an alcove area in your home, this rack might be a perfect fit!

Ooh La La! The Loire Wine and Stemware Rack.

The Loire Valley is also known as the “garden of France”. I was lucky enough to take a day trip to Chartres from Paris one summer. I spent a wonderful afternoon touring the cathedral, and drinking Sancerre at a bistro. Which is why I have such a soft spot for the Loire Wine and Stemware Rack. This petite floor standing wine rack holds up eight bottles of wine and eight glasses. I like this size of this rack, you can either put it on the counter in a large-ish kitchen, or in the corner of your living room or dining room. I like the mix of natural wood, and chrome. This rack will be a real beauty when it’s fully stocked! Plus, I love the convenience of having my stemware and wines together. It makes entertaining just that much easier.  

And as a start – you should stock it with a few bottles of Sancerre! Sancerre is a lively wine, made from Sauvignon Blanc grapes. It’s fresh and crisp, which makes it perfect for warm, lazy summer afternoons. But, you don’t have to wait until the weather gets warm! I love it anytime of year – and recently I’ve started drinking it with sushi instead of sake.

BYOB In Style (and Safety) With A Wine Tote

While driving to a party with a bottle of wine, do you find yourself wincing as you hear the bottle rolling back and forth in the trunk or the backseat? Have you ever tried just keeping the wine in a bag on the passenger seat, but then a short stop pitches everything to the floor? Have you shown up at a party with a bottle of wine that’s practically foamy from being shook, rattled, and rolled? If not, congratulations! You are obviously one of the graceful people of the world! I bet you can also wear white shirts, and they stay white until the end of the day.

For the rest of us, I’ve found something that can help! These neoprene wine totes! These totes are padded and insulated. The insulation is a terrific feature – it means that you can bring a bottle of white wine to a party, and won’t have to chill it in your host’s refrigerator. They also have little handles, so you can loop them on your trunk hooks, or just thread a seat belt through the handle. I found both one bottle and two bottle totes at Stacks And Stacks.

Plus, you could be really nice, and give a bottle and a tote as a complete hostess gift. Much better than flowers!