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2006 Imagery Grenache – A Wonderful Red


Remember how a few years ago, it seemed like Merlot was everywhere? And then Sideways came out, and Pinot Noir took the spotlight. Well, I have a recommendation for the next great red wine – the 2006 Imagery Grenache! Imagery Winery is a sister winery of Benziger. It’s almost like a boutique winery – they have the freedom to create wines with creative blends of varietals. If you get a chance to wine tasting in Sonoma County, you must stop by the winery! Not only is it a gorgeous place to walk around, the tasting staff are some of the nicest people you’ll meet.

The Grenache was one of those wines I tasted, and something clicked in my brain. How had I gone so long with never drinking this!?! It’s a medium bodied wine, with fruity cherry/berry notes. What’s really interesting about this wine is that it has a deep, almost smoky, finish. It pairs well with a lot of food, including chocolate cake (I attest to this from personal experience).

axisThat fateful day at Imagery led to me buying 3 bottles of the Grenache. Three bottles – that can be a tricky amount for storage. But that’s why tabletop wine racks like the Axis Vertical Rack were invented! This attractive chrome rack is designed to hold a trio of bottles, and is perfect for a kitchen counter.  Sometimes you don’t need a big wine rack. Sometimes the best wine rack is small, stylish and even a bit of a conversation starter. Kind of like Imagery Winery, and their wines.

Diamonds Are A Wine Lover’s Best Friend

diamondrackNo, I’m not talking about those compressed carbon pieces that everyone seems so keen on! I’m talking about this Diamond Wine Rack!  

This is another example of how modular wine storage can change your life. This understated wine rack can hold up to 24 bottles of wine. And, since it has an open design – it can even hold differently sized bottles. You’ll have a central space for wine storage, whether you’re collecting magnums, splits, or standard sized bottles.

You can also stack multiples of this divided wine rack – perfect for growing collections. I like the dark finish, too.

I’ve recently been hearing about keeping wines in a closet – it seems to be a good solution when you aren’t ready to invest in a wine cooler, or if you don’t have the space for a wine cellar. This wine rack  from StacksAndStacks.com would be a terrific way to keep your wines, and your closet, neatly organized.

Wine Rack & Tasting Table – All in One!

winetableOne of my favorite things about wine tasting is being able to gather around the tasting table with my friends as we compare notes on the wine that we’re trying. There’s something very fun, almost conspiratorial – about talking about wine and enjoying each others company. That’s why I love this Apachi Wine Table  at StacksAndStacks.com. This darling little table has a rich mahogany finish, and a nicely shaped oval top. Perfect for a têteàtête with your favorite wine pal!

Plus, this table is also a wine rack. There’s bottle storage underneath the table top. You can store up to 11 bottles of wine. It’ll be your one-stop wine entertaining station! Man, don’t you love multitaskers? 

So, what do you think? All you need is a few glasses, a basket of breadsticks or crackers, and you can replicate the wine tasting experience in your home. You can even charge your friends for each pour – you know – for authenticity!