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Meet my new man – Howard Miller!

So, as everybody knows, I’ve been looking for a new tabletop wine rack. Whenever I get a new table, I have to get a new tabletop wine rack. It just makes sense, am I right? Anyway, I was searching for so long, that I was beginning to get frustrated. Especially since it seemed like everyone around me was finding their perfect tabletop wine rack, and I was still left alone, with an empty table. Even friends of mine who don’t know as much about wine, or don’t have as nice of a table as I do were finding racks. So, I started to feel like I would never find the perfect rack for me. And wouldn’t you know it? As soon as I stopped looking, the perfect wine rack fell right into my life! Take a look at the Howard Miller Wine Caddy!

Howard Miller Wine Caddy

Isn’t he just dreamy?┬áThe contemporary satin nickel metal is complemented by a Black Coffee finished wooden storage base. The storage base on this wine storage rack includes a useful pull-out drawer and matching nickel knob, felt lined and great for wine-accessories. This wine rack holds up to 6 bottles. And all of my problems I was having – the lack of a dynamic yet sophisticated tabletop wine rack for my dining table? Well, Howard makes them all go away!