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Wine + Fashion? Yes, please!

While boxed wine may not be height of fashion, there’s a way to make your Franzia a little more luxe! Check out the Baggy Winecoat!

baggy-wincoat-wine-purse-590x462So, you take your box of wine, and put it in this leather (at least, I think it’s leather) purse! Then you’re all set to head to a dinner party, or an outdoor picnic, or wherever! Or, as the designer, Jakob Wagner claims: “Simply take the wine bag out of the box, place it in the Baggy Wine Coat and close the flexible top. A rubber bottom makes sure the Baggy Winecoat do not tip over; neither on the dinner table, nor on the picnic.If you want to carry your wine with you, just grab the handle and go!”
Isn’t this a fun, new, fresh idea? Back in college, I had a friend that would open up the box of wine, and just carry around the wine bag. Then she would stick a straw in the bag, and call it “Drinking the Bagpipe.” She was crazy! I wonder where she is now…I should check Facebook!
The Baggy Winecoat goes for $58.19.  I think that’s a fantastically reasonable price for something that is practical, fun, stylish, and efficient. It’s a great present for people that love purses and boxes of wine. And who doesn’t love accessories and reasonably priced beverages?