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Spring has Sprung – Do You Have a New Wine Rack Yet?

As we all know, Spring is a traditional time to buy a new wine rack. Ever since ancient times, after the vernal equinox people gather together to give their old wine racks as an offering to Eostre, the goddess of spring. Then, they go buy a new one. Well, maybe in ancient times, they would have the village craftsman craft them a new one. I’m not sure. Actually, I’m not too sure about that whole vernal equinox tradition, either. When I took comparative mythology, I was also working a lot of night shifts and sometimes I would fall asleep in class. But I still ended up with an ‘A’, so I must have absorbed a lot of the knowledge, like a sponge. And sponges spend 23.5 hours a day sleeping when they’re in their native habitat – the sea. But, I digress – take a look at this exciting wine rack, perfect for the spring time!

9 bottle wine storage

The 9 Bottle Wine Storage Rack is a great way to store your bottles in an elegant and modern fashion. This wine rack’s modular design allows for adding additional units side by side on the ground to organize a larger wine collection. The nickel-plated steel wine holder is great to keep in your kitchen, cellar or anywhere else you plan to keep your wine of choice.

How are you celebrating Spring? Have you bought a new wine rack yet? Also, do you know of any other fun seasonal traditions? Let me know, I’d love to pair a cultural celebration with a wine rack.