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winemugTimes are tough right now. Wine is a luxury, I know. But can wine be an affordable luxury? The answer is a resounding ‘YES!’. Take a look at this picture above. At first, we were all saying ‘Box Wine? No way!’. But now, it seems like everybody is saying ‘Box Wine? That’s not such a bad idea! Where can I get some? What are the benefits?’. Luckily, research has been done, and some answers on their way!

QUESTION: Isn’t box wine by definition cheap and horrible and nasty and low quality?

ANSWER: No!! You have outdated views of box wine! Box wine has risen in quality by 100%, and many reputable vintners are getting in the boxing ring ( ha  ha ).  For instance, Chateau de Bonhoste Bordeaux Blanc $33.99 for 5 Liters.
This crisp blend of Muscadelle, Sauvignon Blanc, and Semillon has classic slate/mineral notes and a dry finish, along with fruity burst of kaffir lime and grapefruit. Does that sound cheap and horrible? No. It sounds delightful.

QUESTION: Five liters? That’s a lot of wine. Won’t it go bad?

ANSWER: No!! As Maggie Hoffman said “Unlike a bottle, which goes bad after a few days even when you pump the air out, spray preservers in it, or dance around it waving your hands in the air, wine in a box lasts. Inside the box, the wine bag collapses as you drink and the liquid doesn’t get exposed to oxygen. We’ve been told the shelf life after opening is around seven weeks, and so far, the wine we opened six weeks ago is still tasty. You can have a half-glass with dinner, or put a cup or two in the stew you’re making, and not worry about what you’re going to do with the rest. No more throwing out bad half-bottles.” Well said, Maggie. Well said.

QUESTION: Won’t box wine make wine racks obsolete?

ANSWER: No! You can’t just stack wine boxes on top of each other – that would look bizarre. But perhaps wine racks will evolve. If anybody wants to send me a prototype of what a wine box driven society would like from a wine rack – let me know in the comments.