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Dispense of Trouble with a Wine Dispenser!

Don’t you hate always having to POUR a bottle of wine? Wine bottles can be heavy, and if you’re anything like me, your doctor has probably warned you against the repetitive stress injuries that pouring wine can cause. Of course, I have a very rare syndrome where my bones are far closer to bird bones than to standard human bones. Something to do with density. Or porousness. But saying ‘porousness’ reminds me of pouring wine. Augh, my wrists are aching at the mere thought. Poor me! Luckily, with the this wine dispenser, you’ll be ‘pour’ no more.

reg-109030 Never again do you need to be concerned with your fine wines losing body or flavor after opening! The commercially proven Vintner dispensing and preserving system has become the industry standard and is now available for home use. The Vintner saves wine for weeks while hiding the Nitrogen canister and Regulator in a stylish two or three bottle handcrafted hardwood rack. The disposable nitrogen canister preserves and dispenses up to 24, .75 liter bottles of wine. Currently used in thousands of the world’s finest hotels, restaurants and homes, the Vintner makes enjoying fine wine an extended and pleasurable experience. The proven nitrogen gas preservation technology will ensure impeccable flavor to the very end of the bottle. Quick disconnect fitting allows for refrigeration of white wines. The two bottle Vintner comes with two stopper-faucets, regulator, tubing, and one nitrogen canister. The three bottle Vintner comes with three stopper-faucets, regulator, tubing, and one nitrogen canister.

What a great way to drink wine! It’s practically a medical miracle – I should see if my insurance covers it. Just kidding! Ha-ha.