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S – Shaped Wine Rack – Sweet & Sophisticated

Over the holidays, I think I ate about a metric ton of sweets. In fact, I even discovered a new love for hard candies. Especially ribbon candy. Besides being full of sugary goodness, ribbon candy is an aesthetic delight.

Look at it! It's downright adorable!

Look at it! It's downright adorable!

There’s something so appealing about the bunched curves of ribbon candy. And while I don’t have the seasonal excuse for mainlining sugar anymore, I don’t have to give up loving the look of this old fashioned treat. I found the S-Shaped Wine Rack!

I love it! This rack is made of steel, and has an antiqued copper finish. There are even embossed details of grape bunches, vines, and leaves. This rack will hold up to five bottles of wine, and is perfect for a counter top, or even a table. It’s a little whimsical, but I think it’d be a great gift for any serious wine enthusiast. Or candy enthusiast. It’s versatile like that!