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Bentwood Wine Rack – Lovely! Modern! Classy!

You guys, I have a confession to make. I have sort of a schizophrenic design aesthetic. My ideal house would be 40% Eames mid-century modern-chic, 50% of the Elephant Room where Nicole Kidman lived in Moulin Rouge, and 10% Hello Kitty. Balancing these styles – well, it is my burden. Yet, bravely, I┬ápersevere! And the good thing about having eclectic taste (yes, that’s what I’ve decided to call it) is that when I find something that speaks to one of my design personalities – it doesn’t speak with a whisper, it shouts! And man oh man, this Wine Knot is screaming my name. I love the smooth curves, and the two-tone bent plywood. It’s hard to find a wine rack that looks good both empty and full, but this one totally fits the bill.It holds six wine bottles, and it can hold a magnum of champers in the center. Obviously, it’s speaking to the mid-century modernist in me (although I could embellish it with a little glitter and gold paint, and really reach a happy medium). What’s the verdict? Do you love it, or really love it?