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I Named Mine Jeeves – The Cork Butler

Little known fact about me: I have the upper body strength of a newborn kitten. My puny arms – when added to my naturally small reserves of patience – have led to countless botched wine bottle uncorkings. Cork broken? Check. Cork seemingly irreversibly stuck half-way? Check. Cork stuck, then broken, with half of it going down into the bottle? Check, check and check.

winebutlerLuckily, all that changed when I got a Cork Butler. And, if you don’t have access to a discreet British valet, this Cork Butler is the next best thing. The Cork Butler grips onto the bottle, you push the lever down, you pull the lever up and presto! In three seconds, you have an open bottle of wine. And there’s a foil cutter, which is much more effective than trying to pick off the foil with your fingernails.

So, my fellow noodle armed and patience deprived folk: say goodbye to your old corkscrew. The Cork Butler is the perfect companion to any wine rack. Brisk and efficient, I won’t be surprised if the next model has a voice chip so that it will say “Very good, madam” after it opens a bottle.