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Mug Storage for a Temporary Fix

I haven’t had a chance to mention it, but recently I moved. I moved into a new space temporarily, and unfortunately, the movers misplaced all of my wine glasses. Yes, even all of my collectible wine glasses that I’ve written about before. So, now I look at my wine glass rack, illuminated by the moonlight. From the kitchen window, light shines down on the rack, unhindered because there are no glasses there.

Obviously, it is utterly heartbreaking. But I still must persevere, and I still must drink wine, and so I’ve turned my attention to that denizen of the morning: The Coffee Mug. And since I’m using mugs for wine, my mind drifts to another logistical issue – mug storage.

Mug storage used to be a complicated procedure for me. The mugs themselves have these looping handles, which wine glasses don’t have. So, while I’m very familiar with wine glass storage, mug storage was another thing altogether.

Luckily, as the ancient proverb says ‘another word for crisis is opportunity’, and I have taken this wine glass crises and turned it into a mug storage opportunity by discovering all the ways you can store mugs and coffee cups.

Mug storage solutions range along an entire gamut of ideas. You can store mugs in a cupboard or cabinet. Store them with the handles facing the same way, and you can fit more mugs in there. Another mug storage solution is to use hooks to hang mugs by their handles. See, those handles are good for something! If you only have a few mugs, you can put them on display on a shelf and store them that way. This works best if you have decorative mugs, or need mug storage for mugs that have a deeply intrinsic meaning to you as an individual. Mug storage is simple and easy.