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Best Wine Glass Storage

Balloon style wine glasses are a very popular way to serve red wine because of their ability to hold a large volume, and their design is thought to help with aeration.  I personally believe in this, and as a frequent wine drinker, I find the balloon wine glass provides a more rounded experience in tasting.  Plus, they look modern and cool, and they feel good and hearty in your hand.  Some may not put as much thought as I do into what kind of glass to drink wine from, but when it comes to wine it’s all about engaging all the senses, not just taste.

Stemware Storage Chest for Balloon Style Wine Glasses

Stemware Storage Chest for Balloon Style Wine Glasses

Because I love to entertain, I own a lot of wine glasses. I only keep a few in the cabinet at a time and I like to store the rest so they don’t get dusty or risk falling off the shelf and breaking.  I store mine in a stemware storage chest for balloon style wine glasses.  Most importantly, the wine glass storage chest is very sturdy and has cardboard dividers so I can store my stemware without any worry that they’ll break.  I also really appreciate that the stemware chest has handles for easy lifting (which is important if you’re trying to avoid an accident resulting in broken glass) and the lid comes off all the way for easy loading and unloading of the glasses.

The window is handy because I have two glassware chests and the other has other kinds of wine and beverage glasses, so I can tell which one has my beloved balloon style glasses.
The tan fabric exterior and brown piping is a nice touch.  I keep my wine glass storage chests in the garage, but if I were to keep them somewhere in the house I would really appreciate that the box is not unsightly.  I would recommend this particular to stemware chest to anyone who has collection of glassware, because I’m pretty sure it’s the best you can find!