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Must Haves for a Wine Party

Sure this blog is usually about wine and wine racks, but today it occurred to me, why do we overlook all the things that go with wine?  Wine is rarely enjoyed by itself, and shouldn’t be because it has the ability to complement and enhance other flavors and smells.  Wine is always in a relationship with other sensory things.  If you’re hosting a party where wine is served, you will no doubt have an assortment of cheeses, fruits and other treats to go with the wine.  And like a good bottle of wine needs a rack for storage, your chosen appetizers need proper presentation.

First, I’d like to rave about the newly available Twist 3-Tier Server.  This tower gives you an elegant display for your wine party.


For serving cheese at a wine party, I’d like to draw your attention to the Roda Cheese Board which will give your party that rustic yet sophisticated wine country look!


For that authentic tasting room feeling, you should pour your wine with a quality pourer like this Stainless Steel Pourer by Blomus:

pourerWine parties are a wonderful excuse to gather with your fellow “winos” and enjoy the many things about wine!  Just make sure you do the wine a favor by pairing it appropriately for the perfect sensory experience!