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Featured Wine Products of the Week

Every Monday I get excited to hop on the good old interwebs and do some research on what new wine products are available.  Obviously, I’m a huge fan of this particular fermented beverage, so anything associated with wine peaks my interest as well.  When you love wine so much it’s practically a hobby, it is necessary to stay abreast of the latest in wine accessories.  For me that includes all wine storage options, wine serving pieces, etc. IN ADDITION to the wine itself!

Here is something that caught my eye:  the Fridge Binz Stackable Three-Bottle Wine Holder.  This is not a fancy or exciting product at first glance but when I thought about what it does, I felt it was a noteworthy product.

fridgebinzClearly it is designed to hold wine bottles horizontally in the fridge so they don’t roll around.  I often find myself having to lay bottles on their sides because they’re too tall to stand up.  Love this item!  Also in my online trolling I stumbled upon this Natural Stone Wine Caddy by Garden Age.  I love the natural and rustic “Napa” look of this tabletop wine holder.  It can go in any setting from casual to fancy and will always be an eye catching conversation starter.


Pretty groovy, I must say!  And also a great gift for a wine lover.  So, when I’m researching new wine products that people are selling, I also like to research wine accessories that people are making.  I like to highlight creative and interesting DIY wine racks or other wine related projects that are worth noting.  This week, my favorite was this alternative use for empty wine bottles that comes from Wedding Bee:


This reusing of wine bottles not only looks amazing, it’s also eco friendly.  The thing that attracted me most, is that it instantly reminded me of a ship in a bottle – how did they get the candles in there??? Read and learn how!