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Using Wall Space for Wine and Stemware Storage

If your kitchen is already tight on counter and cabinet space, you don’t have to go crazy trying to make space for your wine and stemware!  Wall mounted wine racks are a perfect solution.  And do worry, if you’re not a wine drinker and prefer mixed cocktails, these wall wine racks were great for liquor bottles and martini glasses as well.



This Wine and Stemware Rack is a great solution for a small kitchen. It holds up to eight bottles of wine, and can hold up to 21 wine glasses.  That is a pretty impressive storage capacity, I must say!  Plus the decorative metal scrollwork gives your kitchen that romantic, Napa feel.






If you want a wall mounted wine rack that’s a little bigger – and you like a modern, minimalist look, here’s the Estate Wine Rack. This wine rack is crafted from steel and chrome – so it’ll really give your kitchen a clean look. It’s a whopping 35″ wide, so you’ll be able to fit a plethora of wine bottles and stemware.



Another bonus of wall mounted wine racks is that they can actually help free up space in your cabinets! No more accidentally knocking over wine glasses when you reach into your cabinet – they’ll be safely stored on the wine rack!