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Style Your Kitchen: Transitional Wine Racks

Do you fall into that category of people who want a modern look, but don’t like the coldness this style of decor usually presents?

I do!  I think it was about five or six years ago that we started seeing the term “transitional style” used for furniture and home decor.  What is transitional style?  To put it simply, it blends contemporary elements with traditional ones.  Typically with transitional furniture, you’ll see clean and simplistic lines (modern) and warm wood finishes like espresso or materials such as bamboo.  The desired effect is a look that is timeless, versatile and neutral.  Also, transitional furniture usually provides higher functionality than the highly decorative pieces.

baxtonNow that we’ve got a grasp on the style, we’re going to talk about wine.  Wine storage that is.  Whatever your storage needs may be, there is certainly a perfect transitional wine rack out there for you.  You may be looking for something small to keep on your kitchen counter, a wine bar to hold both bottles and glasses, or a larger capacity modular rack for your home cellar.  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Here I am featuring the Baxton Studio Tuscany Modern Dry Bar.  Talk about transitional, this wine cabinet gives you the best of ALL worlds.  Plenty of storage for wine bottles, plus a concealed cabinet for hanging stemware.  Then you have the spacious top for serving, and the panels slide apart to reveal even more storage!  Yes please!  And as far as style goes, you don’t get any more transitional than this wine bar.  A dark brown finish that goes with anything, clean modern lines – the perfect blend of sleekness and casual comfort.

If you’re looking for something a little more compact and countertop-friendly, like a said you will definitely find smaller wine racks similar to this out there.  And if you’re looking for timeless style, stick with transitional!

Style Your Kitchen: The Modern Wine Rack

This is part one of a series I’m going to write about different styles of wine racks including modern, classic, transitional, and unique. 

Today’s lesson boys and girls, is all about finding that perfect sleek, minimalistic, contemporary wine storage solution.  The wine rack’s I’m exploring here are for the bold and fearless.  You have a contemporary kitchen and you don’t want that typical “wine country inspired” rack!  You want clean lines, metals, practicality, an urban feeling, etc.


First, we have the Polished Four Bottle Wine Rack by Vynebar.  With a 5 STAR rating, this is a winner.  And you won’t believe the variety of colors in which it comes.  If you are a collector, obviously this rack won’t hold all of your wine but it offers a way to feature four current faves.  Plus, wall mounting the wine rack means less counter clutter.



If you want to talk serious capacity, then we’re going to talk about this:  the Trio 64-Bottle Wine Table by Tag.  That’s right, 64 bottles!  And not only does this modern rack offer ample wine storage capacity, it also features hangers for your stemware.  So if you often like to entertain with wine, then this buffet is for you.  You can serve snacks and wine on the top and guests can gather around this spot.  Best of all, when you need a new bottle or another glass, everything’s in easy reach down below!  And of course, the metal rack is simple, sleek and will fit right in with your modern decor.




If you like modern style, but aren’t a fan of metallic finishes, this rack offers the best of both worlds.  It has the clean, contemporary lines but the wood adds a touch of softness and warmth.  And don’t worry about whether your wine collection is large or small.  This is a modular wine rack so you can add on cubbies or just use the one for a smaller collection.  And it can go from the table or counter to the floor. Highly versatile, which is necessary in the modern kitchen!