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Creative Summer Drinks with WINE

You heard me….  I’m talking about mixing wine and creating refreshing cocktails for hot weather.



This blog isn’t just about wine racks, I’d like for it to be a general information center and place of fun ideas for all of us winos.

If I’m relaxing on a hot Saturday in July and want an alcoholic libation, chances are I’m not going to reach for that full bodied Cab on the wine rack.  Maybe at dinner time, but not during cocktail hour on my sunny deck. That is, unless I’m going to mix it.  We’re all familiar with “wine spritzers” but I feel like that term is outdated and inclusive.  Maybe even (dare I say)….tacky.

Take sangria, for example.  Wine mixed with juice and garnished with fruit slices.  You typically see it made with red wine and while it tastes good, the overall effect falls kind of flat.  To reincarnate this classic wine mixer and give it a modern application that excites the senses, use fresh juice and a colorful bouquet of sliced fruit.  Use two to three kinds of fruit for visual appeal and more complex flavor.  The great thing about sangria, is that you can “get away” with using a lower quality wine.  Of course, the better quality the wine, the better your cocktail will be, but this is an easy one to fudge.

Here are a couple more favorite mixed wine drinks from my kitchen to yours:

“Pretty in Pink” – a cocktail made with Moscato, pink lemonade, seltzer water (to balance out the sweetness) and just a dash of Grenadine.  Garnish with raspberries and mint leaves, serve in a girly glass.

“Plum Crazy” – White Zin and plum liqueur go hand in hand, while a twist of lemon adds ZING and lemon fizzy water brings festive, bubbly goodness to the party.  Peel thin strips of lemon rind for garnish and added flavor from its natural oils.

Most importantly, have fun mixing wine and taking it to new levels.  You’ll find a new appreciation for old favorites by giving them a new look!

Style Your Kitchen: Romantic Wine Racks

If you want to achieve that Tuscan or Napa inspired look in your kitchen, then I have some suggestions for you!

These types of wine racks are usually made of a wrought iron style metal with ornate details and soft curves.  Whereas straight lines, minimalism and light colored metals characterize modern style, the opposite will give you a traditional, romantic feel.  The good news is that these “Napa” style wine racks come in all shapes and styles.  You can get freestanding, wall mount, wine bars, carts and everything in between.

romantic1If you’re the type that typically keeps a couple bottles on hand, then I highly recommend the 7 Bottle Circular Wine Rack by Pangea.  If you collect a lot of wine and have an extensive collection in your cellar, than this beautiful rack can be used to showcase current favorites.  What I really love about this rack is its unusual shape.  You normally see square or rectangle shaped wine racks of the countertop variety, and this one thinks outside the box.  Plus, there’s the dark metal and scroll work to give you that old-world romantic appeal.  To me, it’s simply stunning!



romantic2Are you looking for something a little more space saving?  Check out the Vines Metal Wall Wine Rack by Benzara.  Talk about ornate, this fabulous wine rack has it all, including metal leaves and curling vines.  Again, this is perfect for someone who only keeps a few bottles around or has a large wine collection and wants to showcase a select few.  But overall, you will definitely achieve wine country inspiration in your kitchen decor!




As I said before, there are many, many more types available within this style of wine rack.  If you’re looking for something less ornate but still want that authentic “tasting room” look, then check out the more utilitarian wine racks.  Simple wooden racks are still romantic, but also earthy, raw, and look like they’re straight out of a wine country cellar.