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Wine Racks – Back to School Edition

Back to school?  What on earth does that have to do with wine storage?

Let me tell you folks, it absolutely does.  This year I have a daughter starting her first year at college (we just dropped her off at the dorms) and a son beginning high school.  Needless to say, it’s been a rough summer.  With both of my children facing major transitions, the excitement and anxiety levels have been through the roof!

Now the house has quieted down and we’re back to our normal routine.  Where does this leave me?  Needing a glass of wine.  Bad.  When I finally got a chance to pick out a bottle from my collection and pop the cork, I realized my wine rack was in need of some serious organization.  It’s not an enormous collection, I keep my wine on a nice wine storage rack between the kitchen and dining room.  But I’ve always just put the bottles wherever there’s an open spot with no rhyme or reason.  It makes the selection process a bit tedious and time consuming.

Generally, I collect three types of wine the most:  Cabs, Pinot Noirs and Syrahs.  Those are my go-to wines.  But I also love Barberras, Tempernillos and the occasional Chianti.  All I had to do was arrange the types of wine by shelf going in alphabetical order from top to bottom – so simple!  And I gotta say, it was time well spent.  I highly recommend that you do the same with your wine collection.

After all, when it’s wine-o-clock, a busy mom shouldn’t be bothered wasting time looking for that perfect bottle!