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Style Your Kitchen: The Modern Wine Rack

This is part one of a series I’m going to write about different styles of wine racks including modern, classic, transitional, and unique. 

Today’s lesson boys and girls, is all about finding that perfect sleek, minimalistic, contemporary wine storage solution.  The wine rack’s I’m exploring here are for the bold and fearless.  You have a contemporary kitchen and you don’t want that typical “wine country inspired” rack!  You want clean lines, metals, practicality, an urban feeling, etc.


First, we have the Polished Four Bottle Wine Rack by Vynebar.  With a 5 STAR rating, this is a winner.  And you won’t believe the variety of colors in which it comes.  If you are a collector, obviously this rack won’t hold all of your wine but it offers a way to feature four current faves.  Plus, wall mounting the wine rack means less counter clutter.



If you want to talk serious capacity, then we’re going to talk about this:  the Trio 64-Bottle Wine Table by Tag.  That’s right, 64 bottles!  And not only does this modern rack offer ample wine storage capacity, it also features hangers for your stemware.  So if you often like to entertain with wine, then this buffet is for you.  You can serve snacks and wine on the top and guests can gather around this spot.  Best of all, when you need a new bottle or another glass, everything’s in easy reach down below!  And of course, the metal rack is simple, sleek and will fit right in with your modern decor.




If you like modern style, but aren’t a fan of metallic finishes, this rack offers the best of both worlds.  It has the clean, contemporary lines but the wood adds a touch of softness and warmth.  And don’t worry about whether your wine collection is large or small.  This is a modular wine rack so you can add on cubbies or just use the one for a smaller collection.  And it can go from the table or counter to the floor. Highly versatile, which is necessary in the modern kitchen!

Using Wall Space for Wine and Stemware Storage

If your kitchen is already tight on counter and cabinet space, you don’t have to go crazy trying to make space for your wine and stemware!  Wall mounted wine racks are a perfect solution.  And do worry, if you’re not a wine drinker and prefer mixed cocktails, these wall wine racks were great for liquor bottles and martini glasses as well.



This Wine and Stemware Rack is a great solution for a small kitchen. It holds up to eight bottles of wine, and can hold up to 21 wine glasses.  That is a pretty impressive storage capacity, I must say!  Plus the decorative metal scrollwork gives your kitchen that romantic, Napa feel.






If you want a wall mounted wine rack that’s a little bigger – and you like a modern, minimalist look, here’s the Estate Wine Rack. This wine rack is crafted from steel and chrome – so it’ll really give your kitchen a clean look. It’s a whopping 35″ wide, so you’ll be able to fit a plethora of wine bottles and stemware.



Another bonus of wall mounted wine racks is that they can actually help free up space in your cabinets! No more accidentally knocking over wine glasses when you reach into your cabinet – they’ll be safely stored on the wine rack!

Wine Bar for the Holidays

Get your Wine Bar Fully stocked for the holidays, before it’s too late!  I’m not just talking about wine here, there are other accessories you will need to achieve hostess with the mostest status when it comes to serving wine, here are some great tips to get you started!

First, pick a wine rack or a wine bar.  I love the idea of a wine bar because really they don’t have to take up much more room than a wine rack does, but they usually incorporate some other type of storage or at least a serving area on top.  My favorite pick in this category is this Expandable Wine Bar which is great for compact storage of up to 9 bottles of your favorite vinos plus it has an open storage shelf for liquor bottles and a hanging stemware rack.  That’s really all the space you need for a home bar.  The top expands to create a full size bar, great for all of those holiday parties (and for year-round fun of course).

Second, gather all wine accessories.  This includes wine glasses, my favorite current style are stemless with a monogram or some other kind of personalization.  Also don’t forget a wine opener, foil cutter and, the newest addition to my wine bar, a decanter.  This is for when you really are having a nice sit down dinner party, it looks beautiful on the table.  I like the modern clear glass styles with stainless pourers.

Third, have fun with it!  Invite guests over, and make sure to have a variety of wines on hand, including white!  Many people forget that white wine is really making a comeback, many people expect to see it there so don’t be left out of the loop and don’t forget to chill the white!

Happy Holidays!