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Wine glass drying rack makes entertaining easy

The holidays are the perfect time to pop the cork and enjoy a nice bottle of wine with friends or family. My bar ware tends to see most of its action during the holidays and the cleaning is always the worst part.

I feel like no matter what I do my favorite wine glasses always end up with water spots. I leave them upside to dry, towel dry them… but there are always smudges. And once they are clean and put away, they collect dust on my dry bar and look a mess. Hand washing and drying delicate stemmed wine glasses is a difficult task for clumsy people like me. So image my delight when this awesome wine glass drying rack passed through my office.  All these problems and more are solved.

This sturdy, steel organizer features three prongs that can hold up to six large wine glasses. Whether you’re searching for an easy way to clean or store your stemware, this rack is a great addition. The bottom rack is made from rubberized plastic, perfect for storing on your kitchen counter top or inside cabinets. The strong wire prongs snap into place for a reliable hold.

This rack is designed so that wine glasses slid in upside down. This way, stemware can air dry without spots from trapped water droplets, or can be stored without collecting dust inside the bowl of the glass. The bottom tray has a raised lip to contain water and allow proper air flow for quick drying. The dark gray color is sure to blend in with any kitchen decor and compliment any home bar.

So break out the stemware and your favorite bottle for guests without worrying about making a cloudy, smudged or dusty impression.

The benefits of storing your vino in a wine cooler

If you area regular wine drinker, seriously consider investing in a quality wine cooler fridge. There are loads of benefits to keeping your favorite reds, whites and blends at the right temperature. Here are a few:

  • Environment: Wine coolers create the perfect temperature, humidity control, stability and exclusiveness that allows wine to maintain freshness and the utmost quality over time.
  • Money: Wine coolers are less expensive compared to wine cellars or an additional refrigerator. Plus, the costs of upkeep and use are significantly less than that of a fridge. 
  • Different wines, different temperatures: Types wines call for varying temperatures for keeping. Sparkling wine should be kept at 45 to 48 degrees; lights whites at 45 to 50 degrees; full bodies whites at 50 to 55 degrees; light reds at 55 to 60 degrees; and full bodied reds at 60 to 65 degrees.
  • Alternative uses: This smaller fridges are the perfect environment for other things in your kitchen too, including: water (sparking or still), fruit, cheese, chocolate, olive oil and more.
  • Chilled glasses: What more do I need to say? Chilled glasses are an excellent addition to any type of wine.

If you’re just starting out, begin small. The Six Bottle Wine Refrigerator is the perfect choice for moderate drinkers or beginners. This counter top cooler has two chrome shelves, designed to hold bottles securely. This stylish black cooler has a stainless front door with a dual-panned glass panel for better insulation and UV protection. Built with an eco-friendly thermoelectric cooling system, this wine fridge is a guilt-less choice. Digital display and push button controls are user friendly.

Find this product and more like it at StacksandStacks.com.



Style Your Kitchen: Transitional Wine Racks

Do you fall into that category of people who want a modern look, but don’t like the coldness this style of decor usually presents?

I do!  I think it was about five or six years ago that we started seeing the term “transitional style” used for furniture and home decor.  What is transitional style?  To put it simply, it blends contemporary elements with traditional ones.  Typically with transitional furniture, you’ll see clean and simplistic lines (modern) and warm wood finishes like espresso or materials such as bamboo.  The desired effect is a look that is timeless, versatile and neutral.  Also, transitional furniture usually provides higher functionality than the highly decorative pieces.

baxtonNow that we’ve got a grasp on the style, we’re going to talk about wine.  Wine storage that is.  Whatever your storage needs may be, there is certainly a perfect transitional wine rack out there for you.  You may be looking for something small to keep on your kitchen counter, a wine bar to hold both bottles and glasses, or a larger capacity modular rack for your home cellar.  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Here I am featuring the Baxton Studio Tuscany Modern Dry Bar.  Talk about transitional, this wine cabinet gives you the best of ALL worlds.  Plenty of storage for wine bottles, plus a concealed cabinet for hanging stemware.  Then you have the spacious top for serving, and the panels slide apart to reveal even more storage!  Yes please!  And as far as style goes, you don’t get any more transitional than this wine bar.  A dark brown finish that goes with anything, clean modern lines – the perfect blend of sleekness and casual comfort.

If you’re looking for something a little more compact and countertop-friendly, like a said you will definitely find smaller wine racks similar to this out there.  And if you’re looking for timeless style, stick with transitional!