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Wine Racks for Every Budget

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Whether you are an occasional wine enthusiast, entertainer, or serious wine spectator, we have wine racks¬†and cabinets made from a range of materials, in a variety of styles to fit any budget. Along with price and material, it’s important to monitor the temperature of wine and store it in a stable environment, free from a lot of vibration or traffic. Storing on top of a refrigerator, for instance, is always a bad idea.

Other things to consider when storing wine and purchasing wine racks:

  1. Collection size – how many bottles do you need to store and do you anticipate growing your collection?
  2. Chilled wine storage, or not? How much wine will you consume? Do you drink red or white wine? For short term storage, refrigeration is NOT needed – however, you never want to store wine in really warm temperatures.
  3. Do you plan to resell the wine? Maintaining a 55 degree temperature is recommended for long term storage of valuable and/or vintage bottles.
  4. What kind of floor space do you have available for a wine rack? We sell large floor racks, smaller countertop racks, wall-mount displays and racks with integrated bars.
  5. Are you a handy person who enjoys assembling things? Some of our wooden wine racks are kit-based and fun to build. We have everything from a massive, 84-bottle redwood kit to a modest countertop six-bottle wood rack. The six bottle kit takes only minutes to assemble and comes in finished and unfinished models, which are great if you want to apply a unique stained effect or match your decor.
  6. What material are you looking for in a rack? Wood, metal, composite and bamboo racks are available to match your decor. Simple wire racks lend a modern look to your kitchen or bar. Industrial, large chromed racks come in a variety of sizes for serious collectors.
  7. What is your budget? Here are some racks listed by price ranges from: 10-50 dollars, 51-150 dollars, 151-300 dollars and 1400-1500 dollars:

10-50 Dollars:

  • Metal Wine Bottle Holder – Clean lines make this black metal four-bottle rack an attractive accent for countertop use and an excellent choice for frequent wine drinkers.
  • Stackable Bamboo Wine Rack – is eco-friendly, simply-designed, and modular so you can build your own system or add on later, should your collection grow.

51-150 Dollars:

  • 24 Bottle X Wine Rack has a classic design and costs less than 60 dollars. It’s small enough for counter use and great for small wine collections.
  • Wooden Wine and Stemware Rack includes a tabletop for pouring and storing open bottles, holds 24 bottles and 10 glasses, and, at less than 106 dollars, is an absolute steal.

151-300 Dollars:

  • Home Martini Bar has everything you need to entertain in a compact footprint. Contemporary steel, complemented by black, kidney-shaped contours make a contemporary statement for your home bar. For under 220 dollars you are ready to entertain in style with this affordable piece.
  • Wine Storage Cabinet – another low-cost, attractive way to display wine. This has glass doors for easy viewing, a stemware shelf and a utility shelf for other wine supplies. Less than 210 dollars – affordable, while offering style and a lot of storage.

1400-1500 Dollars:

  • Commercial Wine Racks come in a variety of sizes to fit the professional wine collector’s storage needs. 36 and 48-inch widths are available with storage capacity of up to 169 bottles. Chrome-covered steel will last forever and make ideal storage in a cellar or other dedicated space.

Whatever your needs for wine storage, big or small, we have something that will work for you in our store. We also carry stemware displays and other wine accessories.

by Laurie Halbritter
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Iceless wine chiller perfects holiday entertaining

Flip through the new Winter Catalog from OrganizeIt.com and you will find the perfect entertaining piece for you and the wine enthusiasts in your family. 

This double wall, acrylic wine chiller keeps your white wine cold for hours without the need for ice. The tall, double walls keep the cool air in and hot air out — without melting ice, wet labels and the threat of spills. Simply take a pre-chilled bottle of your favorite white and add it to the bucket to keep cocktails cold throughout your entire gathering.

This wine cooler is not only efficient, but attractive. The sleek acrylic bucket is accented with a thick, stainless steel rim that adds a touch of modern charm. The neutral colors are sure to compliment any home bar, kitchen or dining set.

Entertain your guests or offer it as a thoughtful gift — the Iceless Wine Chiller is a must have for wine drinkers. And of course, you can utilize it for any chilled cocktail you serve.


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Wine Canoe: maybe not sea worthy, but design worthy

I’m sorry but this:


Hello, wine canoe! Would it be ridiculous for me to buy a lake cabin just so I can have you in my home??? Okay you’re right, that would be weird. I can’t help it though, I love the Canoe Wine Shelf by Old Modern Handicraft. First of all, the woodwork looks to be impeccable. And even if you don’t perceive it as a canoe at first, it still has a gorgeous arch design. Perfect for breaking up a boxy space with boring right angles.

The fact of the matter is that you do not actually have to live in a lakeside cabin to have a piece of that romance in your home. The only thing that would make it more perfect, if you could actually go boating on the wine canoe. HA! But, that could be a bad thing too, especially if you love wine as much as I do.