Modern Wine Racks – For the Wall or Freestanding

Wine never goes out of style – I think we can all agree on that. But sometimes, home decor styles come and go. For instance, what about avocado colored kitchen appliances? Remember those? Or shag carpeting, in that peculiar burnt orange color? Or those weird dolls that were also toilet paper roll cozies? Those things were very odd, and I still don’t really understand the logic behind them. Somethings are better left in the mists of time, that’s for sure.

Trends may come and go, but some design elements remain timeless. Like modern style wine racks. What’s better than a tall wine rack, with bold lines and striking decor? How about a wine rack with those traits, that’s also a wall rack? Or it’s freestanding? And how about two of them? Sounds good, right? Let’s take a look.

wallHere’s the Blomus Wall Mounted Wine Holder. This wine rack holds the bottles vertically, so you can display the full range of your wine labels. If your labels are a little dull, you can always turn the bottles the other way to just show the bottle. This stainless steel wine rack holds up to eight bottles of wine. Standard sized bottles, that is. This wine rack looks great whether you alternate the directions of the bottles, or just keep them in one direction. The choice is yours! I love the striking look that the chromed steel has. It would be great in a kitchen that gets a lot of light – this rack would be gleaming!

There’s also this sleek wine rack. This tall wine rack is freestanding. A freestanding wine rack means that you can move it 135070around when you redecorate, and you don’t have to worry about putting holes in the wall. This wine rack holds up to 12 bottles, and features a walnut finish. This wooden wine rack also has silver colored accents.

So, as you see, modern design can be a great choice for your home. It’s versatile, and functional, and those are traits that ought never to go out of style.

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  • Nancy

    I love the freestanding wine rack above. Please let me know where I can purchase one. Hopefully somewhere in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Thanks! nancy

  • eva

    Hi Nancy,

    It looks like the rack you are asking about has been discontinued, sorry. But there’s a huge variety where that one was sold: Good luck!