Space-Saving Wire Wine Racks Save The Day

Last week I finally completed the total refinishing of my basement, turning it from a cobweb-infested cockroach resort into a stunning, state of the art “Man Cave”. This was my own place to call my own, so I took special care to ensure little get-away had everything I needed.

I have installed a 70” flat screen high definition television, a billiards table, a wet bar, bar stools, a huge sectional sofa all atop the coziest shag carpet you will ever find. This man cave really has it all, but there was one last piece missing.

space-saving wire wine racks

space-saving wire wine racks

Let me preface this by mentioning that some guys are really into sports like football and baseball; others are really into music or movies. Me, I am a die-hard, passionate foodie. Give me “No Reservations” with Anthony Bourdain over the NFC championship game any day; I’d rather watch Top Chef marathons then spend hours watching NASCAR.

As anyone that is familiar with a hardcore foodie knows, the best pairing for a delicious meal is a perfectly aged bottle of wine. Seeing that I am one of the most extreme gourmets out there, I have an enormous wine collection.
That is where the refinished basement comes in. The one element I have been missing in my man cave is a place to store my collection of wines. I have Syrah, Pinot Grigio, Pinot Noir, Burgundy; you name it, I have at least one bottle of it!

The perfect storage solution for all of these wine bottles is a set of the space-saving wire wine racks. These durable, space efficient wine racks were just what I needed to organize my wine collection and the man cave I would store it in.

I purchased a couple of the 75-bottle wine racks (I told you my collection was large!) and installed them into my basement. The racks are tall and thin, which save space; the tall racks included brackets to mount them to the wall, which add stability. The metal frame is coated with protective lining; ensuring the bottles will not get damaged while in storage.

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